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In 1960, Jim Ross founded a livestock nutrition company with the guiding purpose of allowing livestock producers to achieve the “best possible production at the lowest possible cost” by incorporating sound nutritional principals and innovative ingredients into vitamin and mineral premixes for on-farm blending of animal feed used in the production of meat, milk and eggs.
Today, over fifty years later, the GVF group of companies has expanded its product and service offering and its geographic reach through the creation or acquisition of numerous divisions and affiliated companies, all of which advance the three core purposes of the organization: profitable farms, healthy food, improved lives. 


Advancing the profitability and financial stability of family owned and operated farms is fundamental to all that we do at GVF. While continually embracing our founding principle by focusing on the efficiency and performance of livestock, GVF has intentionally broadened activities to allow livestock producers to lower the cost of production and to acquire more value for the meat, milk and eggs they produce and market. 



Recognizing that “we are what the animal ate” GVF has, through the development of its feeding programs, long prioritized the quality, safety, taste and health attributes of the meat, milk and eggs that its farmers produce. Advanced animal nutrition for improved human health is not just a slogan at GVF. This statement captures the reality that being in the livestock nutrition field puts GVF squarely in the field of human food production, nutrition and health. We take this responsibility very seriously and we are proud of the food products our producers produce day in day out on the farm.


At GVF, we believe a vibrant and profitable agriculture industry is foundational to a country’s economic and a healthy food supply. As GVF advances profitable farms and healthy food, the improvement of life extends beyond the farm to the population as a whole. GVF is also committed to improving the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves both locally and globally through our philanthropic efforts. 

The GVF Group of Companies. 

Grand Valley Fortifiers

Founded in 1960, Grand Valley Fortifiers specializes in the formulation, manufacture and sale of high-quality leading-edge mineral premixes for swine, dairy, beef and poultry producers throughout Canada and the USA.

Valley Feeds

Since 1970 Valley Feeds has been committed to providing high quality, fresh feeds for wild birds, dogs, cats, farm animals, and horses in Cambridge ON. They also specialize in lawn and garden care products. 

Fortified Nutrition Ltd

Founded in 2006, Fortified Nutrition Limited manufactures high-quality leading leading-edge mineral premixes for swine, dairy, beef, and poultry producers and supports producers with a sales teams across Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. 

Farmers Depot

in 1996 Farmers Depot was established as a complete animal health and equipment supplier for livestock producers providing over a thousand quality animal health products at a competitive price with next day delivery, and product support.

Direct Source Commodities

Direct Source Commodities supports cost-effective on-farm feed manufacturing by helping farmers source truck-load commodities that deliver directly to their farm. DSC provides access to many feedstuff commodities that are valuable when creating nutritionally sound feeds for Dairy, Swine, Poultry and Beef operations. 

True Foods

True Foods provides assurance to discerning Canadian consumers that food products bearing this trustmark are verified and continually monitored from farm to shelf to ensure that they consistently conform to the label claims on the package.

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